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I have no idea if anyone will see this or not, but that's okay.  A buddy of mine linked me some things of interest, and I wanted to share them.…
Someone has decided to try doing a "restoration" of Silhouette Mirage.  He plans on reverting some of the Working Designs changes to make the game more true to the Saturn version.  He's made some progress, but he needs help with some of the game's coding.  If you can help out, or know someone who can, let him know!…
The Silhouette Mirage Guidebook is pretty interesting.  It's full of art, character descriptions, and screenshots of the Saturn game.  I don't think this is the instruction manual; this book contains concept art and small sketches.  There's a really interesting batch of images on page 7 of the album: Geluve sketches, and concept art of characters that never made it into the game.  Call me crazy, but I want to know how that hourglass thing would've worked.  Let the speculation begin!

That's all.  Thanks for reading.
1. Tracings, copies (hand drawn, scanned, written, or otherwise), and alterations of another's work will NOT be accepted.

2. Content from the game (i.e. screenshots, manual, disc, sprites, in-game videos) or submissions containing parts of the content will NOT be accepted

3. No original characters (OCs, fanchars, fan characters), please. They cause way too much grief at times. .

I had to update the rules/FAQ.  There were a few submissions that contained parts of screenshots and original characters from fanfics, etc..  Sorry, but the images were removed.
If you couldn't join the group before, you should be able to now.  It seems DA automatically disables join requests once a group is created.  I'm guessing that's so the founder has time to get everything in order.  If you still can't join, please send me a note, or leave a comment on the group page!

The main gallery and faves section are currently empty.  I'm going to see if I can move the deviations from the old club.  In the meantime, if you have anything you'd like to submit, or faves to suggest, feel free to do so.  Again, if it doesn't work, just let me know and I'll see if I can fix it!

That's all for now.  Have fun!
Hello!  This group thing didn't take as long as I thought it would!  I don't know if anything can or will be transferred from the original club, but we'll see.  If not, then I'll find some way to get the deviations over here!

I'm still figuring out most of the options and things here, so please bear with me while I get everything set up!

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